Benarty Astros AFC

By Walter Clarke

League and Cup Double Winners

Benarty Astros AFC Have Completed a Cup Double by winning the Alba Mortgage Solutions Division 1 League and the Glenfield Auto Centre Division 1 League Cup.
Quite a start for Benarty Astros in their first season in the Kingdom of Fife AFA.

Where next?

Glenfield Auto Centre Championship League Cup
Kingdom of Fife AFA v Central Scottish AFL Kingdom of Fife AFA 2 v 3 Central Scottish AFL

Match centre

Smith & Grant Premier League
Glendale Plastics Championship
Alba Mortgage Solutions League Division One

Latest photos

vs. AM Soccer (A) - 17/11/18
19 photos
vs. Ylum (H) - 01/12/18
10 photos
vs. Ylum (H) - 01/12/18
vs. Balgonie (H) - 08/12/18
15 photos
vs. Balgonie (H) - 08/12/18

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